Latest Photography Trends


Since the wedding comes usually once in a lifetime, and you will surely like to make it an unforgettable event of your life. Of course, you will like to treasure the big day of your life and it would be great to add all the latest wedding photography trends and cheers up your wedding day pictures.

Believe me, some of them are so cool and unique.


Me-Time’ Photography:

Enjoy Creative bride squad photography with your girls and have an entire photo shoot or a video to capture your ‘Dolled-up time’.

Miniature Photography:

Well, give a little twist to your wedding photography and make it more interesting and fascinating by exploring miniature photography. Ask your wedding photographer to include a miniature click. There is something incredibly unique in this type of photography captured in unusual places, include miniature wedding photography in your wedding photoshoot can fun-filled and create unique frames.

<img src="miniaturephotography.png" alt="The latest photography trends">


Father-Daughter First Looks:

The first-look photo has been popular for a while now and is still going strong. But some brides are having photographers capture their father’s first glimpse.

“This trend is a sweet moment during the day”. Wedding days can be so busy, and I love that some girls choose to take a few minutes to spend time with their dads.


Drone Aerial Photography:

Aerial wedding photography has begun to grace many photo albums as more wedding photographers and soon-to-be newlyweds are using a drone to capture their big day.

Now, drones are the new stars of the wedding season, offering professional wedding photography.


Shots for social butterflies: (Latest Wedding Photography Trends)


<img src="latestphotography.png" alt="The latest photography trends">

<img src="latestphototrends.png" alt="latest photo trends">

A huge influence of social media, some shots clicked by the wedding photographer that creates a wedding hashtag for guests, you can upload that pictures on social media, can help you experience your wedding interesting and fascinating.


Smoke Bomb Photography:

To keep the wedding party entertained and add color to the event or your wedding album smoke bombs create a wonderful role. The best thing, smoke bombs help to capture amazing candid wedding photography that couples love.


Another twist? Formal couple portraits, which show posed, traditionally styled shots of the couple and fill your wedding album with the latest wedding photography trends.












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